How Ancient Civilizations Have Been Heavily Influenced by Numbers


The study of history can be captivating and endless. It is said that nothing that will happen in the future has not been seen in the past.

Looking at the ways past civilizations perform certain tasks can help us to understand how far we have reached in some areas of the world.

Throughout history, most cultures have used numbers to symbolize abstract and powerful references that can still be considered in decision-making today.

Let us take a look at some symbolic numbers and their significance over the years.

Number 4: symbol of balance and foundation

Balance, stability, independence, and balance, are all attributes associated with the number four, which has been used throughout history by numerous civilizations and cultures as a fundamental principle.

What makes it more amazing is its presence in multiple regions across the globe. Clearly, it shows that the number 4’s characteristics were considered by numerous governing entities in various fields.

North, South, East, and West are examples of how influential the number 4 is. This navigational system has been used since ancient times, and it paved the way for many other major societal changes.

Additional examples can be found in other systems of the world, like the 4 seasons.

These systems are not of man’s creation but are existing and affect how humanity lives.

In Buddhism, it is also emphasized by the 4 elements: earth, air, wind, and fire, which are said to be the basis of the universe’s creation.

Meanwhile, the bible also makes use of the number four on important occasions multiple times. There were the so-called 4 evangelists in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

All of whom narrated Jesus’ life from different perspectives yet provided balance and positivity.

It can also be noticed in the book of Genesis when there were only 4 rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden, Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates.

These rivers are said to be the main source of life for the entire world. It can also be seen in the book of revelations in the form of the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse, which symbolize the beginning of the end of days.

Intricacy, Compassion, and Grace = Number 5

When it comes to symbolizing perfection, love, compassion, and grace, number five has been highlighted throughout the history of man.

Nothing depicts this more than the intricate details of man’s creation. The number 5 can be noticed beginning from our head which has 5 organs to detect sensation, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue.

It can also be observed by the anatomy of our bodies which has 5 extremities (two legs, two arms, and one head). For each of our limbs, we have 5 toes.

This shows the symmetry and uniqueness of how each human being was created. It is also evidenced in the Holy Bible that the number 5 is a symbol of compassion.

The ultimate act of sacrifice by Jesus Christ is detailed by the 5 puncture wounds in his body.

In reciprocity, the old testament shows how people may display their faith in God through the 5 types of offerings, burnt, sin, trespass, grain, and peace offerings.

The number 5 also plays a huge part in the Mayan tradition. The ancient civilization regarded the number 5 as a symbol of perfection.

It also uses the number 5 to a great extent in their numerical system. Being, at times, a base 5 system, the Mayans consider the number 5 as a whole set leading to 20.

Can the numbers 4 and 5 affect you?

We’ve seen that the numbers 4 and 5 have been very influential throughout history, but what benefit could they possibly bring you?

There is a great chance that you have encountered the numbers 4 and 5 in the form of angel numbers which is often accompanied by seeing 11:11 which means spiritual awakening.

This may sound befuddling, but we tend to be focused more on the active side of praying that we do not recognize the message God is sending us.

The Supreme Being conveys His guidance through our assigned guardian angels by using numbers.

These often come in subtle forms that blend in with the normal flow of our daily routine. Take a song from the radio for example, or a random advertisement on television.

The angel number 444 is a message that is coming from a Higher Entity and it has a deep and important meaning. It is no coincidence that you have been noticing this number often. It means that you should be aware of putting balance in your life.

Similar to how the 4 cardinal directions and 4 natural elements are balanced, God also wants us to have a well-balanced life that exudes goodness in all facets. Never forget to be a positive influence at work, in your community, and your family.

Seeing 555 means a piece of advice for us to seek a life of compassion and love towards others. Similar to how Jesus sacrificed Himself as an act of unconditional love, his 5 wounds remind us of love and compassion.

Treading a path that is influenced by love and compassion leads us closer to our ultimate purpose.

By doing so, we emit an aura of positivity that affects our primary contacts and they too affect their secondary contacts helping spread an atmosphere of compassion.

Finding inspiration in messages

Messages come in various forms. As presented earlier, some come in numbers that have withstood the test of time and systems that tie generation after generation together.

The more we see how the greatest things in the universe are not man-made, the more we appreciate the power of a Supreme Being.

Believing in this Divine Power opens our philosophy that inspiring messages can also be sent to us.

Photo Editing Tips for Beginners


Are you a beginner in post production photography ? Would you like to learn some important photo editing tips? So here you will discover many useful things which will help you work in Lightroom and Photoshop. These basic photo editing tips will help you understand what you should start with and how to make your photos attractive.

5 basic photo editing tips

It is very important to decide what final result you want to get after editing the picture. Here are five tips you should follow before you start.

Choose the story or the feeling of the image. Creating any kind of the photo you should know what feelings it must show and what story you are going to tell with the photo. It can be bright and energetic or, on the contrary, dark and moody. According to all basic photo editing tips, it is essential for you to make the decision on these features because it will influence the further process.

The style of the photo. Decide beforehand in what style your image must be because it will affect such features as contrast, whites, and blacks, clarity, etc. As it is said in wedding photo editing tips, the couples don’t want to receive simple wedding photographs. They want their pictures to be in a style of wedding or fashion magazine or something like that.

Who and what are the photos for? You must learn where the photo will be printed or used. The purpose of the image will influence your finishing actions like sharpening and cropping, choosing the image size and resolution.

Select the quickest route to perform the photo editing. That’s one of the most useful of photo editing tips because it helps you save time. First, think what changes and what operations you are going to do with the photo to get the ideal result. Then select the most suitable programs, plugins, apps and do everything you need.

Work with the best photos. Mind photo culling. Select only the images which fit all your expectations and then edit them. Don’t take the picture of a smiling girl if you are going to have photos that express sadness.

10 Photo editing tips Photoshop

1. Work with the layers. While retouching the photos in Photoshop, you can easily move and change the layers using special combinations of buttons and keys. It is advisable to merge several layers into one if the image is multi-layer.

2. Whitening teeth. To get naturally white teeth in the portraits or other photos you should change the vibrancy and then use the soft brush for painting the teeth.

3. Color correction. One of the most important photo editing tips Photoshop is concerned about colors. Using Blend Modes for colorful surfaces you can get amazing results. Begin with creating a new layer and then paint the necessary area in the desired tint. Take either “Hue” or “Color” to see the final result.

4. Channel Mixture. To get beautiful black and white images in high contrast you can use Channel Mixture. Select ‘Monochrome’ and then move the sliders to have the greatest contrast.

5. Rotate View. As it is said in the photo editing tips, the Rotate View tool will be useful while you are working with shades, retouching or burning. You can find it in the toolbox and after finishing you should hit “Reset View”. The image will be in the same position.

6. Undo. For beginners, the possibility to undo the steps can be essential. To increase the number of undo actions you must go to the settings and in the box ‘Preferences’ find “Performances” and change the number of steps in the “History States” slider. But be careful, according to photo editing tips for beginners, too many undo steps can make the program work slower.

7. Clicking Alt / Opt + Backspace / Delete you can easily and selecting the layer, you are able to set the color of the layer or make it matching to the foreground.

8. Bird’s Eye View. If you are working with the zoomed image and you need to look at some part of it with zoom out, hold down on the “H” key and drag the mouse. After reviewing the picture you should just let go of the mouse button. This option is called “Bird’s Eye View”.

9. Retro style. Would you like to get photos in retro style? Then in the layer settings hit to fill bright blue, choose “Exclusion” in the layer blend modes. The Opacity should be reduced to 20%.

10. Exporting. And the last of photo editing tip for Photoshop is the option of extracting assets. It can be useful if you want to use different variants of the photo after using multiple layers. Select necessary layers by Shift hitting and after right clicking hit “Export as”.

10 Lightroom photo editing tips

1. Auto tone. For beginners using this option could be the perfect start of work. It helps to fix the exposure, drop the highlights and lift the shadows.

2. Resetting. If you don’t need to reset all the actions you have done, instead of hitting the Reset button, click twice on the definite feature you’d like to undo. All the rest will remain the same.

3. Grid overlays. If you are going to crop the photo, click R on the keyboard and then hit O. While hitting O go on cycling and you will see various grid overlays which can help you different types of composition.

4. Lights out. This trick of Lightroom photo editing tips will help you look at the image on the black background without any distractions. Just hit L on the keyboard and you will have this effect.

5. Level out. To make the horizon straight you should click on ‘Angle’ and then click on the photo and drag to the kind of match the straightness of horizon you wish to get.

6. Before and after. By clicking Y at the bottom left corner you are able to get a side-by-side comparison to see the results of the work.

7. Clipping. Hit J on the keyboard and go to the exposure slider tab and slowly crank it. And while cranking those parts which are clipping will get red. So use these photo editing tips to ensure your photos are not clipping.

8. Radial brush adjustment. To highlight the focus area, hit the oval in the top right part of the window and then choose the exposure. Mark the part of the image you want to stand out and changing the rate of exposure find the suitable variant.

9. Size up. Drag the panel out to the left and you get a way better accurate representation of the shadows, exposure and other sliders of the panel.

10. Rating system. And the final Lightroom photo editing tip is organize yourself. Use figures and letters to rate and mark the images to make your work easier.

Use photo editing freebies

If you have only started working as a photographer but have already spent lots of money on gear, use some image post producing freebies. They will help you improve the photo and save your money. Our photo editing tips are to download free Lightroom presets that make changes in colors and tints, improve clarity and shadows, contrast and other aspects. Different photo editing tips and tricks can be used while working with Photoshop freebies. Take various textures, brushes, and filters, choose free actions and you will make the pictures attractive and unique in a very fast way.

Best photo editing apps for students

There are many apps for students to help with photo editing. Some of them are free, while the others you must pay for. For example, you can use Pixlr to start using basic image editing techniques. It is free but it does not have enough tutorials and guides.

Photo Editor by Aviary is also free. It has basic functions which help edit photos. Among its disadvantages – the lack of undo steps.

Free Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Mix can be helpful in compositing, blending and layering.

Instagram app can be used both for editing and sharing photos. Instagram photo editing tips are easy for understanding and using.

PicCollage has free and paid functions. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to edit pictures and create collages. If you don’t want to have lots of adverts, take the paid version.

Follow all these photo editing tips, create amazing photos and open an incredible world of photo editing!

Why Outbound Spam Filtering Is Good


Service providers and activity need to give awareness to the spam outlet their group in the outbound way. If left unrestricted, outbound junk mail will cause the check provider’s network to be uncreative by the have a rest of the internet successfully stopping legal email interchange for all network consumers. This happens in range of the worldwide effort to stop inbound spam from damage users. Complicated status systems have been recognized to track the quantity of spam future from each IP address on the network. These methods block IP addresses that mail too much junk mail and rate limit those with doubtful sending perform, by blacklisting them.

Outbound spam filtering addresses confront of IP ignoring that occurs when your internet is blocked because marketers have control to break into it and utilize it to send spam.

Spam filter service

An identity theft attack is a digital individuality theft. Piracy send fake emails which, for case, reproduce the plan of renowned Internet service giver similar to Amazon or PayPal or of recognized banks. If the individual data demand is go into on the phishing internet, it is sent straight to the cyber illegal. With facilitate of link way and other method, the spam filter service effectively care for users from phishing emails.

Email spam filter service

Spam accounts for a huge forty eight percent of every email traffic. These useless group emails are over just an irritation. They reduce efficiency, do well easier to miss significant emails, and force system performance by rising mail-server traffic. The cyberoam sophos is part of a generally email safety strategy that as well includes virus and threat filtering, email encodes, data loss avoidance, and email permanence. Our spam exposure technology off-loads resource-intensive everyday jobs to the Barracuda cloud so that there is no assessable impact on email release. We email spam filter earlier than they get to your server. Our cloud-based filtrations also defend your industry from rejection of Service show aggression that can repeatedly come from spamming.

How to spam filter work

In the globe of spam avoidance, IP addresses are like public security information. The IP address is the simply reliable recognize information that communication receiver can use to discover the dependable sender of each communication. When several users send email during one mail server, email recipient on the network can’t trust everything except the IP address of the mail server, as spammers can afford fake email addresses or even take off rightful users. Do you know what is outbound spam filtering? Then, let us see how it works?

Outbound spam pass through a filter involves in excess of just analyzing communication content and decline the spam. An excellent outbound spam filter identifies how to make out the actual receiver of each message, and to verification the durable behavior of each receiver, looking for guarded outline of behavior.

How to choose outbound spam filter

Outbound spam filtering solutions are accessible in a large number of efficiency, scalability and extensibility.

 Will it effort with your planning? The greatest solutions offer clear praying capacity to deal with not controlled services like VPS and devoted hosting equipment, or with manure type networks.

 Look for a dealer that provides a federal management comfort that brings collectively configuration and scrutiny

 Data from every the systems in the group

 Can you modify it? You want to be capable to write tradition policy script or system so that you can quickly respond to exclusive attacks from within your communications.

 Can the solution repeatedly inform you when a description show to be concession?
 Can you organize fast, and will the dealer be there to facilitate you when impressive goes wrong?

Online spam filtering service

Online cleaner arranged services are the perfect solution for little to medium-sized industry, or private those who have a field name but perform not have a system infrastructure that difficulty a devoted filtering server. Compare with new online spam filtering service solutions on advertise today, online cleaner propose a level examine that is unassailable in consistency, effortlessness and efficiency.

But the price of just recognize and deleting spam communication is probable to be billions of dollars every year. However, there are a sequence of thing businesses can take into description to make certain they are receiving the greatest deal.