Is Newark Airport Long-Term Parking Safe and Reasonable?



One major concern that frequent travelers have is to find a secure and reasonable parking at a crowded airport.

And New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is no exception!

Once we reach an airport, we already have too much on our hands. From handling our luggage, managing our passport and other relevant documents to juggling between our itinerary details, there’s just so much to do.

Therefore, finding an airport parking which is safe and reliable is a much-welcomed relief.

Opening its doors for the first time on October 1, 1928, the airport is located 15 miles southwest of Manhattan. Serving more than 30 airlines, the EWR is one of three major airports serving the metro area of New York.

If you are a frequent flyer, you need to what the long term parking issues are. The first and foremost is the issue of safety and security, in addition to parking rates and reservation methods.

Safety and Security

Secure airport parking is of paramount importance. Just this April, the airport set a record of screening 78,118 passengers at the security checkpoints in a single day, according to a news report.

Other essentials of reasonability are, is the parking available at a fair price? Does it offer any additional incentives? Is the reservation process hassle free?

Parking Rates

A number of services online suggest that the long term parking is available near Newark Airport for as low as $8.50. The long term parking rates are offered at a rate of $34 for a maximum of 24 hours in the daily lots.

In the economy lot, it lets you park your car for $18 for the first 24 hours. However, it charges a sum of $6 every 8 hours after the passage of the 24-hour time period. The airport’s parking cost for persons with restricted mobility a sum of $18 for a period of 24 hours maximum.


In terms of airport parking reservations, the EWR accepts Credit and Debit Cards as well as cash payments. It also offers online reserved parking in the designated lots and areas.

EWR’s Long-Term Parking is Worth a Try!

Long term Newark airport parking is worth a try given its location. Parking offsite Newark Airport is more affordable than it is in other lots of the facility.

The long term parking rates vary between different lots and areas. Airport parking reservations can be made online with several credit and debit cards being accepted. So do give it a try!