How Ancient Civilizations Have Been Heavily Influenced by Numbers


The study of history can be captivating and endless. It is said that nothing that will happen in the future has not been seen in the past.

Looking at the ways past civilizations perform certain tasks can help us to understand how far we have reached in some areas of the world.

Throughout history, most cultures have used numbers to symbolize abstract and powerful references that can still be considered in decision-making today.

Let us take a look at some symbolic numbers and their significance over the years.

Number 4: symbol of balance and foundation

Balance, stability, independence, and balance, are all attributes associated with the number four, which has been used throughout history by numerous civilizations and cultures as a fundamental principle.

What makes it more amazing is its presence in multiple regions across the globe. Clearly, it shows that the number 4’s characteristics were considered by numerous governing entities in various fields.

North, South, East, and West are examples of how influential the number 4 is. This navigational system has been used since ancient times, and it paved the way for many other major societal changes.

Additional examples can be found in other systems of the world, like the 4 seasons.

These systems are not of man’s creation but are existing and affect how humanity lives.

In Buddhism, it is also emphasized by the 4 elements: earth, air, wind, and fire, which are said to be the basis of the universe’s creation.

Meanwhile, the bible also makes use of the number four on important occasions multiple times. There were the so-called 4 evangelists in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

All of whom narrated Jesus’ life from different perspectives yet provided balance and positivity.

It can also be noticed in the book of Genesis when there were only 4 rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden, Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates.

These rivers are said to be the main source of life for the entire world. It can also be seen in the book of revelations in the form of the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse, which symbolize the beginning of the end of days.

Intricacy, Compassion, and Grace = Number 5

When it comes to symbolizing perfection, love, compassion, and grace, number five has been highlighted throughout the history of man.

Nothing depicts this more than the intricate details of man’s creation. The number 5 can be noticed beginning from our head which has 5 organs to detect sensation, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue.

It can also be observed by the anatomy of our bodies which has 5 extremities (two legs, two arms, and one head). For each of our limbs, we have 5 toes.

This shows the symmetry and uniqueness of how each human being was created. It is also evidenced in the Holy Bible that the number 5 is a symbol of compassion.

The ultimate act of sacrifice by Jesus Christ is detailed by the 5 puncture wounds in his body.

In reciprocity, the old testament shows how people may display their faith in God through the 5 types of offerings, burnt, sin, trespass, grain, and peace offerings.

The number 5 also plays a huge part in the Mayan tradition. The ancient civilization regarded the number 5 as a symbol of perfection.

It also uses the number 5 to a great extent in their numerical system. Being, at times, a base 5 system, the Mayans consider the number 5 as a whole set leading to 20.

Can the numbers 4 and 5 affect you?

We’ve seen that the numbers 4 and 5 have been very influential throughout history, but what benefit could they possibly bring you?

There is a great chance that you have encountered the numbers 4 and 5 in the form of angel numbers which is often accompanied by seeing 11:11 which means spiritual awakening.

This may sound befuddling, but we tend to be focused more on the active side of praying that we do not recognize the message God is sending us.

The Supreme Being conveys His guidance through our assigned guardian angels by using numbers.

These often come in subtle forms that blend in with the normal flow of our daily routine. Take a song from the radio for example, or a random advertisement on television.

The angel number 444 is a message that is coming from a Higher Entity and it has a deep and important meaning. It is no coincidence that you have been noticing this number often. It means that you should be aware of putting balance in your life.

Similar to how the 4 cardinal directions and 4 natural elements are balanced, God also wants us to have a well-balanced life that exudes goodness in all facets. Never forget to be a positive influence at work, in your community, and your family.

Seeing 555 means a piece of advice for us to seek a life of compassion and love towards others. Similar to how Jesus sacrificed Himself as an act of unconditional love, his 5 wounds remind us of love and compassion.

Treading a path that is influenced by love and compassion leads us closer to our ultimate purpose.

By doing so, we emit an aura of positivity that affects our primary contacts and they too affect their secondary contacts helping spread an atmosphere of compassion.

Finding inspiration in messages

Messages come in various forms. As presented earlier, some come in numbers that have withstood the test of time and systems that tie generation after generation together.

The more we see how the greatest things in the universe are not man-made, the more we appreciate the power of a Supreme Being.

Believing in this Divine Power opens our philosophy that inspiring messages can also be sent to us.

5 Essential Areas of Study for Marketing Majors



Written by Michael Del Gigante

If you’re like most college students, you’re counting on your classes to provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to find a job in your field following graduation. As a graduate, you’ll probably realize that while college provided you with a solid foundation, it didn’t equip you with all the practical skills you’ll need in the real world.

This is especially true in the study of marketing, since it can be difficult for schools to adapt their programs and courses quickly enough to reflect the constant changes and developments within the field.

The advertising and marketing experts at MDG Advertising have compiled the following list of topics that every marketing major should make the time to study, even if they’re not part of their degree program.

Social Media

Since you probably spend a significant amount of time every day using social media platforms, it may be surprising that there’s a major difference between using social media in your personal life and using it for business.

In fact, creating a comprehensive and successful social media strategy across multiple platforms for a business can be quite challenging, since each platform requires a unique approach. For instance, a wildly successful Facebook campaign may not translate well to Twitter or Instagram.

Immersing yourself in case studies of social campaigns—both successful and unsuccessful—and exploring various methods for creating a solid social media strategy can help expand on the basics that you learn in the classroom.


Marketing experts will tell you that a blog is essential for generating leads, raising brand awareness, and promoting products and services through other sites. An effective blog must have content that’s original and compelling enough to hold the consumer’s attention and trigger action. But, creating a blog isn’t enough. You also need to know how to drive traffic to it by promoting it across social media.

While marketing majors may spend a great deal of time on writing assignments, most academic work focuses on argumentative essays, which are very different from writing blog posts aimed at consumers.

As a student, there are a number of ways that you can develop or refine your blogging skills, such as creating your own blog, contributing content to an existing blog, or by becoming an author for an online content creation company. This type of experience will teach you how to develop and research original blog topics, and how to create different types of content to engage various target audiences.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad term that includes blogging, as well as video creation, email campaigns, infographic design, and other techniques. According to data compiled by Curata, 74% of companies create content that takes into consideration trends and other data relevant to the brand to increase the quality and quantity of leads.

To be effective, content must align with the business objectives and mission of the brand. The Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, and other online content marketing guides can help you understand the basics.

Behavior Knowledge

At its core, marketing requires an understanding of human behavior in order to create relationships with a target audience. Once you understand how consumers make decisions, you can develop a marketing strategy using content that’s designed to trigger the desired emotions and actions. By mastering the art of adapting the tone and voice of your content to your target audience, you can generate more clicks and leads.

Consumer preferences and behaviors are constantly changing. For example, peer reviews on social media often have a bigger influence on consumers than traditional ads thanks to the increasing amount of time that we all spend on social media. This means that your quest for behavior knowledge must continue throughout your career.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To maximize conversion rates and outbound leads, blogs and websites must be optimized to rank as high as possible in search results. Most marketing programs touch on the subject of search engine optimization; however, the approaches and strategies you’re studying can change so fast that the information could easily be outdated.

For example, the traditional approach of stuffing as many keywords as possible into your content may actually lower a business’s ranking. Today’s search engine algorithms prefer a mix of keywords and variations that fit naturally within the content. Moz Blog and other online marketing blogs are good resources for expanding your knowledge of SEO and keyword use in content development.

About Michael Del Gigante, CEO of MDG Advertising

In 1999, CEO Michael Del Gigante founded MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. With his unique insight and decades of industry experience, he turned what was once a traditional ad agency into an integrated branding firm based on an innovative 360-degree marketing philosophy that provides a full spectrum of traditional and digital advertising services.

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