How Ancient Civilizations Have Been Heavily Influenced by Numbers


The study of history can be captivating and endless. It is said that nothing that will happen in the future has not been seen in the past.

Looking at the ways past civilizations perform certain tasks can help us to understand how far we have reached in some areas of the world.

Throughout history, most cultures have used numbers to symbolize abstract and powerful references that can still be considered in decision-making today.

Let us take a look at some symbolic numbers and their significance over the years.

Number 4: symbol of balance and foundation

Balance, stability, independence, and balance, are all attributes associated with the number four, which has been used throughout history by numerous civilizations and cultures as a fundamental principle.

What makes it more amazing is its presence in multiple regions across the globe. Clearly, it shows that the number 4’s characteristics were considered by numerous governing entities in various fields.

North, South, East, and West are examples of how influential the number 4 is. This navigational system has been used since ancient times, and it paved the way for many other major societal changes.

Additional examples can be found in other systems of the world, like the 4 seasons.

These systems are not of man’s creation but are existing and affect how humanity lives.

In Buddhism, it is also emphasized by the 4 elements: earth, air, wind, and fire, which are said to be the basis of the universe’s creation.

Meanwhile, the bible also makes use of the number four on important occasions multiple times. There were the so-called 4 evangelists in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

All of whom narrated Jesus’ life from different perspectives yet provided balance and positivity.

It can also be noticed in the book of Genesis when there were only 4 rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden, Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates.

These rivers are said to be the main source of life for the entire world. It can also be seen in the book of revelations in the form of the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse, which symbolize the beginning of the end of days.

Intricacy, Compassion, and Grace = Number 5

When it comes to symbolizing perfection, love, compassion, and grace, number five has been highlighted throughout the history of man.

Nothing depicts this more than the intricate details of man’s creation. The number 5 can be noticed beginning from our head which has 5 organs to detect sensation, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue.

It can also be observed by the anatomy of our bodies which has 5 extremities (two legs, two arms, and one head). For each of our limbs, we have 5 toes.

This shows the symmetry and uniqueness of how each human being was created. It is also evidenced in the Holy Bible that the number 5 is a symbol of compassion.

The ultimate act of sacrifice by Jesus Christ is detailed by the 5 puncture wounds in his body.

In reciprocity, the old testament shows how people may display their faith in God through the 5 types of offerings, burnt, sin, trespass, grain, and peace offerings.

The number 5 also plays a huge part in the Mayan tradition. The ancient civilization regarded the number 5 as a symbol of perfection.

It also uses the number 5 to a great extent in their numerical system. Being, at times, a base 5 system, the Mayans consider the number 5 as a whole set leading to 20.

Can the numbers 4 and 5 affect you?

We’ve seen that the numbers 4 and 5 have been very influential throughout history, but what benefit could they possibly bring you?

There is a great chance that you have encountered the numbers 4 and 5 in the form of angel numbers which is often accompanied by seeing 11:11 which means spiritual awakening.

This may sound befuddling, but we tend to be focused more on the active side of praying that we do not recognize the message God is sending us.

The Supreme Being conveys His guidance through our assigned guardian angels by using numbers.

These often come in subtle forms that blend in with the normal flow of our daily routine. Take a song from the radio for example, or a random advertisement on television.

The angel number 444 is a message that is coming from a Higher Entity and it has a deep and important meaning. It is no coincidence that you have been noticing this number often. It means that you should be aware of putting balance in your life.

Similar to how the 4 cardinal directions and 4 natural elements are balanced, God also wants us to have a well-balanced life that exudes goodness in all facets. Never forget to be a positive influence at work, in your community, and your family.

Seeing 555 means a piece of advice for us to seek a life of compassion and love towards others. Similar to how Jesus sacrificed Himself as an act of unconditional love, his 5 wounds remind us of love and compassion.

Treading a path that is influenced by love and compassion leads us closer to our ultimate purpose.

By doing so, we emit an aura of positivity that affects our primary contacts and they too affect their secondary contacts helping spread an atmosphere of compassion.

Finding inspiration in messages

Messages come in various forms. As presented earlier, some come in numbers that have withstood the test of time and systems that tie generation after generation together.

The more we see how the greatest things in the universe are not man-made, the more we appreciate the power of a Supreme Being.

Believing in this Divine Power opens our philosophy that inspiring messages can also be sent to us.

Why Outbound Spam Filtering Is Good


Service providers and activity need to give awareness to the spam outlet their group in the outbound way. If left unrestricted, outbound junk mail will cause the check provider’s network to be uncreative by the have a rest of the internet successfully stopping legal email interchange for all network consumers. This happens in range of the worldwide effort to stop inbound spam from damage users. Complicated status systems have been recognized to track the quantity of spam future from each IP address on the network. These methods block IP addresses that mail too much junk mail and rate limit those with doubtful sending perform, by blacklisting them.

Outbound spam filtering addresses confront of IP ignoring that occurs when your internet is blocked because marketers have control to break into it and utilize it to send spam.

Spam filter service

An identity theft attack is a digital individuality theft. Piracy send fake emails which, for case, reproduce the plan of renowned Internet service giver similar to Amazon or PayPal or of recognized banks. If the individual data demand is go into on the phishing internet, it is sent straight to the cyber illegal. With facilitate of link way and other method, the spam filter service effectively care for users from phishing emails.

Email spam filter service

Spam accounts for a huge forty eight percent of every email traffic. These useless group emails are over just an irritation. They reduce efficiency, do well easier to miss significant emails, and force system performance by rising mail-server traffic. The cyberoam sophos is part of a generally email safety strategy that as well includes virus and threat filtering, email encodes, data loss avoidance, and email permanence. Our spam exposure technology off-loads resource-intensive everyday jobs to the Barracuda cloud so that there is no assessable impact on email release. We email spam filter earlier than they get to your server. Our cloud-based filtrations also defend your industry from rejection of Service show aggression that can repeatedly come from spamming.

How to spam filter work

In the globe of spam avoidance, IP addresses are like public security information. The IP address is the simply reliable recognize information that communication receiver can use to discover the dependable sender of each communication. When several users send email during one mail server, email recipient on the network can’t trust everything except the IP address of the mail server, as spammers can afford fake email addresses or even take off rightful users. Do you know what is outbound spam filtering? Then, let us see how it works?

Outbound spam pass through a filter involves in excess of just analyzing communication content and decline the spam. An excellent outbound spam filter identifies how to make out the actual receiver of each message, and to verification the durable behavior of each receiver, looking for guarded outline of behavior.

How to choose outbound spam filter

Outbound spam filtering solutions are accessible in a large number of efficiency, scalability and extensibility.

 Will it effort with your planning? The greatest solutions offer clear praying capacity to deal with not controlled services like VPS and devoted hosting equipment, or with manure type networks.

 Look for a dealer that provides a federal management comfort that brings collectively configuration and scrutiny

 Data from every the systems in the group

 Can you modify it? You want to be capable to write tradition policy script or system so that you can quickly respond to exclusive attacks from within your communications.

 Can the solution repeatedly inform you when a description show to be concession?
 Can you organize fast, and will the dealer be there to facilitate you when impressive goes wrong?

Online spam filtering service

Online cleaner arranged services are the perfect solution for little to medium-sized industry, or private those who have a field name but perform not have a system infrastructure that difficulty a devoted filtering server. Compare with new online spam filtering service solutions on advertise today, online cleaner propose a level examine that is unassailable in consistency, effortlessness and efficiency.

But the price of just recognize and deleting spam communication is probable to be billions of dollars every year. However, there are a sequence of thing businesses can take into description to make certain they are receiving the greatest deal.

Improving a Brand’s Bottom Line Through Good Design


Written by Anthony Del Gigante

Whether you’re looking at a product, a package, or even a website, good design is able to uplift the senses, inspire powerful emotions, and even encourage action.

There’s another important impact of design, however, that’s often overlooked in university design and marketing programs: the impact that design can have on a brand’s bottom line.

Our design experts here at MDG Advertising created an educational infographic, Why Good Design Matters for Businesses, which outlines how and why good design has a measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.

The Case for Prioritizing Design

Researchers at McKinsey & Company recently analyzed the performance of 300 publicly traded companies to determine whether design added value to the company’s bottom line. The analysis found that the companies in the upper tier, in terms of design, impressively outperformed their competitors. For example, brands that prioritized design averaged revenue growth that was about one-third higher than their competitors—and shareholder return that was more than 50% higher. The researchers also concluded that the correlation between good design practices and improved performance wasn’t limited to a single industry or type of firm. Design-focused firms surpassed their peers across a wide range of industries, including banking, medical technology, and consumer packaged goods.

Why Does Design Matter?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why does design matter to a brand’s bottom line?” While focusing on creating good design offers a lot of advantages, these benefits appear to have the most direct impact on a brand’s bottom line:

Design Is Integral to Branding: Design helps to establish a brand’s identity, communicates what the brand represents, and distinguishes it from the competition. To be effective, a brand must be original, consistent, and targeted to the desired consumer demographic. When you think of top brands, such as Apple or McDonald’s, you instantly think of a certain experience, such as how the product functions, looks, smells, or even tastes. This meshing of design, branding, and consumer experience can translate to significant business value. For example, tech giant Apple has an estimated business value of $214 billion, and beverage icon Coca-Cola has an estimated value of $66 billion.

Design Communicates Quality and Authenticity: The majority of consumers form an opinion of a company based on design elements, such as its logo, color scheme, and packaging. This is especially true for consumers who engage with a brand online. For example:

 75% of consumers judge a brand by its website design.
 The average consumer assesses and formulates an opinion about a company’s website within 50 milliseconds.
 55% percent of consumers spend 15 seconds or less on a company’s website.

Design Has the Power to Make Every Service, Product, or Consumer Experience Better

Don Norman, who’s widely considered to be the architect of modern user experience design, believes that good design will make consumers happy on three levels:

1. On a visceral level, all of the elements of a brand’s design should work together to create a favorable first impression.
2. A brand’s design should create a consumer experience that’s intuitive and enjoyable.
3. All the elements of a brand’s design should reflect the larger meaning or story that’s being conveyed.

What Are the Fundamentals of Good Design?

Which design best practices can brands incorporate to maximize the positive impact on their bottom line? During its analysis, McKinsey found the following trends among top-performing companies:

The Use of Quantifiable Metrics: The most successful companies set design-performance goals, use objective metrics to measure progress toward those goals, and modify strategies as necessary based on the firm’s performance.

The Elimination of Silos: Design is not the sole responsibility of the design and marketing team. Everyone involved in the development, implementation, execution, and evaluation of a design should be included in the design process and held accountable.

Ongoing Assessment and Refinement: Creating a design for a brand is not a one-off process. Successful firms continually reassess and refine their design and branding elements and strategies.

Good Design Focuses on the Customer: Exceptional design isn’t what you as a designer or marketer thinks looks good. It must consider the needs, wants, and preferences of the consumer. The late Steve Jobs famously said, “It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Remember, consumer-focused design has the power to make each facet of a company better—which is what ultimately adds value to the business’s bottom line.


Anthony Del Gigante, Chief Creative Officer at MDG Advertising
Anthony Del Gigante is chief creative officer at MDG Advertising, a full-service ad agency in Brooklyn, New York and Boca Raton, Florida. Over the years, his unique talents in brand strategy, visual identity development, and brand activation have consistently delivered measurable results for a wide range of world-renowned clients, including American Express, Verizon, AbbVie, and Cushman Wakefield. A brand specialist, Anthony leads MDG’s creative development, working with clients to develop creative, strategic, and functional solutions for their brands.

The Truth And Significance Of The Angel Number 666


There is a myth popular around the world and that is about the number 666. Many people think it as the number of the devil. Most horror movies feature this number alongside the evil and eventually people got a fear for this number.

But, what is the spiritual significance of 666. It carries positive vibrations and can give positive outcomes to the person seeing the number.

What is actually the Angel Number 666?

The angel number 666 meaning means and indicates a person’s ability to work with the help of his imagination and his intelligence to achieve some positive results. It is a power motivation required by a person when he or she starts to doubt oneself or passes out opportunities just because he or she thinks that they are not eligible or worth or good enough for the opportunity.

Angel number 666, meaning to encourage a person to pay attention to the quality of thoughts. It suggests you that to force out any worry or fear that come in your mind and affect you, your job, your relationships, your goals or anything you yearn about. The human mind is very powerful. One drawback of the mind is that it attracts anything you constantly think about. Thus, to deal with it, you must focus only on the positive side of anything so as to attract only the positivity.

Some unusual facts about angel number 666

Angel number 666 is the number to bring positivity in your life by not only seeing things positively but by eradicating all negativity within yourself. Some facts about this number are:

• The number is a sign to you to start believing in yourself and that you can do great things

• 666 acts as an indicator to reorganize and manage your thoughts by focusing on important things only.

• Angel number 666 is way, your guardian angels assure that you will get their support and assistance in pursuing your goals.

• The number guides you to focus on spirituality in order to convert all negativity into positivity.

• The number is a sign of warning to reassess your life.

Why do some people consider angel number 666 as bad luck.

All angel numbers have different benefits and through this numbers, angels try to communicate with us stating or warning about various matters. In case of the angel number 666 meaning, it has been always associated with the devil and all ill factors of spirituality. The number is also known as the number of beast in the context of darkness, negativity, bad luck etc.

But the truth is that the number is not anything to fear about demons and devils. In fact the reason why this number sometimes seems unlucky or disturbing to some people is that it is actually the angels way of telling you that your thoughts are misaligned.

When you feel such insecurities with the angel number and their symbolism, you must realise that the number is giving you a wakeup call to maintain the balance between the material world and the spiritual world. It tells you not to be driven away by the desires of the material world and to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voices.