Flash Player for Mac Definition


Flash player for Mac Definition

Adobe Flash Player for Mac is a software that is created for using content that is made on Adobe Flash Platform. The Flash Player is an important part as it carries out various functions. It has features which include hardware acceleration and compilation. Macromedia had created Flash Player and it was then distributed in 2005 by Adobe Systems after Adobe acquired Macromedia. Flash Player is available for distribution free of cost as freeware also called adware in China. Its initial release was in 1996 with the original authors being FutureWave, Macromedia and Adobe Systems.

Functions of Flash Player

It includes viewing of multimedia, executing Internet applications as well as for streaming video and audio files. It also supports the opening and running of a web browser. It also runs files that are SWF and created using Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Professional as well as FlashDevelop. It supports graphics like vector and 3D, embedded video, audio as well as raster graphics along with ActionScript, which is a scripting language. It is based on a script that is similar to JavaScript, ECMAScript, and even supports object- oriented coding.

Features of the Flash Player

Flash Player for Mac Definition by Adobe is a runtime used to execute and display content from the SWF file, even though it does not have any in-built features for modifying the SWF file at the time of runtime. The Flash Player can also execute softwares written in the programming language called ActionScript, which helps to enable runtime manipulation of data, text, vector and raster graphics, sound as well as video. It can even access specific connected devices used for hardware, which include the microphones and web cameras, after being granted permission by the user for it. Flash Player provides support to various data formats which can be accessed only by the interface using ActionScript. It supports XML (eXtensible Markup Language), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) , AMF (Action Message Format) and also SWF.

As it is mainly a software made for graphics and multimedia, it always has supported graphics including vector graphics and raster graphics for decoding and play back. MP3, FLV (Flash Video), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG and GIF are all the forms of multimedia that are supported.

Flash Player for Mac is a very crucial software for various things in a computer system and even helps in streaming of protocols. It is the software that is used in almost all systems and is very widespread.